'Nature Echoes' - is broadcasted live online every Sunday from 9pm Irish time ...

Nature Echoes, my live show through YouTube and Facebook,   compliments 'Nature Folklore'  Here are some other site links here ... My collection of articles My 'Journaling Nature Folklore' course' Contact me more about 'Nature Echoes' ... we feature one, two, or three upbeat stories of wonderful nature caring projects that also seem to have some guidance of folklore too. We have live guests sometimes, and the audience can participate too.   My live broadcasting started online as Nature Folklore Sunday Sessions from March 2020 due to coronavirus preventing our previous regular Sunday outdoor gatherings. The 'Nature Folklore' show became 'Nature Echoes' live, and is much more newsy. My 'Nature Folklore' content has now moved onto the wonderful Substack platform , where no algorithms will follow you, and no advertising either.