Barding, Part 3 - Ogham Prompts, Scribing & an Iona Story

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Barding, Part 3 - Ogham Prompts, Scribing & an Iona Story
when ghaels met picts, and the scribes used their prompting language 

This is the third of three Nature Folklore sessions on Barding. 

My first connection with Ogham symbols was during the 50s before I was a teen, then as a 60s teen I dabbled with Ogham Divination as a 'toy'. It was not until I met my stone mason boss on Iona, Attie McKechnie, during the 70s, that I learned a deeper story of the Ogham language and have been passionate about it since.

Attie was a mason's apprentice during the 1930s when Iona Abbey was being restored. He was a very fluent GĂ idhlig speaker and extremely passionate about the language and it's origins. Attie also had a huge passionate interest in the way early medieval scribes used and change the old Scottish language. Through him I learned the tree language and Pict symbols connection to Ogham, and how they entered into the Medieval age of Scribing. I still feel it is amazing for me to connect to Ogham connecting to a tree language on a Scottish Pilgrimage island hosting a few hawthorn trees, small hazel trees, and a few imported beech trees. 

During this Nature Folklore I will explore the origin of scribing merely being symbolic prompts before the human orderly creation of scribed words, sentences, paragraphs and complete articles. Emphasis will be on Ogham that proved to be a very useful scribed system for prompting, especially when the symbols were related to trees, and a probably pre-Ogham prompting language using tree species. 

I will tell my version of the Ghaels bringing their tree language to land to be called Eara Ghael, Argyll, and what happened when they met the farming Picts and their rune style blade cut stone and wood symbols. How the two tribes forged a prompting language so they could speak to each other.

During Barding part 1, we explored the doodling experience of pre-journaling and native poetry.

During Barding part 2, we explored how to add music and sound to our words to encourage enchantment as an alternative to structured academic archiving.

During this Barding part 3, the focus in on the power of prompts, especially using Ogham, to give us inspiration, vision, and personal prophecy. A craft that helps us create more soulful and meaningful writing and art.

We will explore how we can actually return to using some of the pre-scribed oral tree language as a guide for living a more inspired, fulfilled and better interpreted life today.  

Looking forward to you joining us with 'Barding, Part Two', applying prompts, using Ogham, and eventually scribing.


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