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Sunday 14th November, at 2pm Irish Time

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Barding, Part 1 - Inspired Journaling & Native Poetry
a natural inspirational craft

The first of three Nature Folklore sessions on Barding. This is the starting point, as anyone can naturally do this. At the start of every Nature Folklore broadcast I suggest being within your favourite sanctuary space, expressing inspired visions from your sanctuary, through your writing, art, and craft.

We are just past the cross quarter point of Samhain, and have now entered the dark winter space of the annual cycle, within the northern hemisphere. This is a wonderful time to record, usually doodle, our new ideas, inspirations, and visions, that will eventually craft into plans of actions. These we will have ready for launching at Imbolc, the time space of birth of the new Spring early next year

This 'Nature Folklore' session will suggest and encourage settling into spaces of 'sanctuary' and will encourage your ideas to flow. The theme of this afternoon is about tapping into our potentially fluid inspiration channels. We all have this ability, with an added sprinkling of trust, we can translate our ideas and visions into a personal journal.

This personal journal is then valuable content for first drafts of later poems, stories, blogs, writing songs, personal card messages, storytelling, script writing, and screenplays. All of these being great ideas and created resources that encourage us to live a colourful, adventurous, and happy life.

Though some guests are already booked for this Sunday, I invite you to share your experiences of journaling and putting together your poetry and stories. Please message me. You can submit a pre-recorded video, or pre-recorded audio with some photographs, be live with me on Sunday and talk about some photographs, or just be live with me to share your story, poem, and a little conversation. 

Looking forward to you joining us with 'Barding, Part One'.


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