Welcome to Nature Folklore's own Web Site

Yes, this is Nature Folklore's own dedicated web site, and being broadcasted online every Sunday, at 2pm Irish Time

'Nature Folklore' is broadcasted live every Sunday at 2pm Irish time through ...
Here is the 12 months calendar

Enjoy Nature Folklore sessions covering the 'Celtic Wheel Of The Year' and suggesting 'Applied Folklore', and that is about wholesome practical things we can do today with the mentoring of folklore.

Every episode is archived for viewing at any time. The entire collection here at YouTube

Through every year cycle we explore Ogham, Tree, Water & Sidhe folklore. Our annual themed series includes Barding, Yule Midwinter, Divination, Imbolc, Tree Keeping, Permaculture, Bealtaine, Midsummer, Sustainable Practices, Lughnasadh First Harvest, Harvest Season, Alehouse Women & Witches,  & Samhain.

Meanwhile, Carrowcrory Cottage & Labyrinth Gardens is still current. We are still targeting to open on Sundays, from 24th April 2022, but only for our Patreon subscribers, and other patrons. This is due to a very awkward insurance cover situation now, so apologies for the new limitations. We will still have a great craic when we meet up though. To be a Patron member ...

It may take awhile to transfer the Nature Folklore pages from Carrowcrory Cottage and Labyrinth Garden site to here, as much of my time is spent preparing the next Nature Folklore show. So please excuse any confusion if you are shunted between both sites for awhile. 

Looking forward to you browsing our Nature Folklore web site, and joining us online for Nature Folklore, on Sundays at 2pm Irish time.


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