Introduction to Nature Folklore Sessions 2022

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Sunday 2nd January at 2pm Irish Time

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Introduction to Nature Folklore Sessions 2022
plus share affirmations and maybe about some ancient manifestations from faith.
Thank you for your support of Nature Folklore that went online as Sunday Sessions March 2020 due to coronavirus prevention practices. Our previous social Sunday Sessions transferred to live streaming format until we understood this virus more and the later controls upon us fade away.

During this broadcast, I would like to talk about my intentions for Nature Folklore broadcasts and side videos through 2022, and ask for your suggestions about changes. 

Also I would love to talk about some your own affirmations that you may like to share, especially in relation to your nature connection activities such as with your local woodlands, water wells, water sources, waterways, sea shores, bog lands, your gardens, and your local food sources.

If there is time, I will also talk about and offer discussion about some folklore and mythologies of the manifestations from faith, that must have originated from affirmations.  

Through 2022, Nature Folklore will still continue commencing at 2pm, Irish time, every Sunday, even when the covid fades away and we can resume having visitors. Where we will host visitors is still an unknown, at present, as I am moving away from Carrowcrory during spring, just after Imbolc.

One major change I would like to make through 2022 is encourage the live Nature Folklore sessions to become more chatty with more guests sharing with us either live or through video clips. I also wish to be out and about more during the week to record clips with people in other locations, that |I can also share on Sundays.

The topics I have been sharing live, during the past two years, will gradually be broken down into series of small video clips to form a library for our subscribers to have access too. That library also eventually made available into mixed formats such as video, audiobooks, printed books etc. 

That's a lot of work, but I will work towards that as best I can, plus help along your lovely and valuable contributions and interpretations too.

It would be wonderful for you to volunteer to be a live guest for this Sunday, sharing your affirmations poems, stories, and dreams. Message me about this through the contact link.


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