Yule Season, part one - Mischief & Mystery

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Yule Season, part one - Mischief & Mystery
with trees, songs & folk drama  
Through December, and Christmas, we may put up the Christmas decorations, buy and decorate a tree, or get out the artificial tree from the attic or shed, and decorate that too. We do our Christmas shopping for food treats, and items to give as gifts to people. Much of this tradition that we do every December seems to be expressed out of habits and routine, We feel an obligation to do all of this, despite not being able to afford it and maxing out our credit to make all of this 'fun' happen.

So, during this Nature Folklore session we visit a few nature based and human fellowship traditions, to share through December. Some of these we may have forgotten, never heard of, or we still celebrate today but in ways that are very disconnected from their origins and they have been re-framed to become consumer commercial. 

Through this Nature Folklore session I include origins of midwinter tree celebrations, such as folklore origins of our Christmas Trees, songs from ancient times that we have adapted today, and folk drama fun and healing rituals that have become mumming, guising, straw boys and wren boys. 

I also suggest returning to present giving like it used to be. Focused on midwinter, caring, sharing, and helping people to get through winter with food, fuel, and maybe a pampering treat or two. Certainly not the latest gadget, fashion trend or model upgrade.


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