Yule Season, part two - Reindeer Folklore

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Sunday 12th December, at 2pm Irish Time

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Yule Season, part two - Reindeer Folklore
exploring the bardic tales of the deer
I will include tales from Bard Osín, as a young fawn, born from deer mother Sadhbh, and mingled with the sidhe, the fairies. Also Elen Of The Ways and that story includes telling of the origin of what we now call 'ley lines'. I will also talk of the challenge of wildland vs farmland, and that story goes back to ancient Babylonians.

A Nature Folklore session to share remarkable ancient stories ripe for a winter December. Ancient myth stories that are also of now, the decisions we are making, the preparation of affirmations, and the blessings we share and become joyful for over the Midwinter, Yule, and Christmas season. 

Please share your thoughts, poems, and stories, of deer folklore through December. Message me, through the Contact link.


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