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'Nature Folklore' is broadcasted live every Sunday at 2pm Irish time through ...
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Hello, I'm John Willmott, currently the single handed writer, camera man, sound, presenter, and producer, of 'Nature Folklore'. 

My other name for 'Nature Folklore' is 'Applied Folklore', but to me that sounds awfully academic. But allow me to explain this second title ...

My 'mission goal' with 'Nature Folklore' is to share folklore storytelling and accompany this with wholesome practical things we can do today through the mentoring of folklore. Some of the folklore I share is from fragments of very ancient tales from ancient discoveries.

Through every annual cycle of 'Nature Folklore' sessions, I broadly theme around the 'Celtic Wheel Of The Year'. Through every year cycle we explore Ogham, Tree, Water & Sidhe folklore. Our annual themed series includes Barding, Yule Midwinter, Divination, Imbolc, Tree Keeping, Permaculture, Bealtaine, Midsummer, Sustainable Practices, Lughnasadh First Harvest, Harvest Season, Alehouse Women & Witches,  & Samhain.

I am in frequent debate and conflict with 'learned' scholars as my main source of stories is from other storytellers. I am 70 years old now, and I have been doing this 'work/craft/bs' since I was 6 years old.

The scholars generally stick to what they have read, studied and interpreted from precious manuscripts of the original scribes, along with various written re-translations and respected re-interpretations over the centuries. They also source folklore stories from wonderful organised archives of both hand written and audio recorded stories from many local rural and urban setting. Duchas.ie in Ireland is a famous one.

My main storytelling resources are what has been passed on to me by family members, along with farmers and trades people I have listened to, and conversed with, plus listening and learning from various people crafted in storytelling such as the people called shanachie, seanchaidhthe,

The seancha√≠ craft today is very different to how it was centuries before, Very different to how they were storytelling almost 65 years ago when I started this. 

No longer are shanachie, the Anglo term, servants to the heads such as kings, chieftains, lords, and barons, with a job of kept track of important information for them, along with some divination and prophecy. Today they are more towards being entertainers, enchanters, fortune tellers, advisers, and even counsellors.

So, what you hear from me through these broadcasts may well be described by some people as fantasy. But I regard a lot of the scribed work as being of storyteller expression too. Can anyone say the books of the Christian Bible, Torah, and Quran are authentic history books? Yes, they are books of faith that have guided people through their lives for 1000s of years. I still regard that as being of huge value, especially when people tell stories inspired from thos so called 'holy books', as long as the storytelling is not cruel, fearmongering, and controlling. 

I often think of how some modern graffiti on stones that many people will say is 'vandalism', will actually be regarded as respected archaeology from as little as 200 years time, as ancient graffiti is regarded today.

I do try to help these stories along by also suggesting practical interpretations and suggest how they may be used within our current day to day living.

At the beginning of each show I do encourage viewers identify their sanctuary space, especially outside, and 'mindfully' allow personal visions to flow, maybe inspired by folklore heard, and then express these through poetry, writing, art, craft and problem solving. 

My approach is certainly not, 'listen to what I say, absorb the facts, and be educated.'. Hopefully, my approach is not the other extreme of guru style enchantment with a specific cultish intention in mind. 

Every episode of Nature Folklore is archived for viewing at any time. The entire collection is here at YouTube

Keeping this show funded is through the subscriptions of our Patron members ...

I would not like to have advertising pay our way ...

Looking forward to you browsing our Nature Folklore web site, and joining us online for Nature Folklore, on Sundays at 2pm Irish time.

One last thing. People do not like to visit web sites, me included, and not know the person behind them and where they live, and how to contact them. 

We do not have a business premises or a public building due to the current nightmares of insurance cover. I currently make no income from Nature Folklore, and am still trying to cover expenses, hence encouragement for subscribers to help out. But we do host social MeetUps in places that are covered for public use. This can be in our home for subscribing members, outdoor picnics, and socials in cafes. 

Anyway, I live in rural South Co. Sligo in Ireland. Away from this web site you can contact me here, and subscribe to my newsletter here. Through these we can reach each other through emails, texts, and phone calls if needed, and even meet up :-) 


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