Barding, part 2 - Words with Harps Folklore

& how magic flows from words accompanied by any music ... next session Sunday 27th November 2022

about this afternoon session

The second of three Nature Folklore sessions on Barding. 

We will focus mainly on harp accompaniment for words, but will apply any instrument that can create sound and music to join in with our words.

This Nature Folklore session will include a guided session by Claire Roche who many regard as an incredible harpist, but I feel Claire is at her best when she uses her harps to accompany the stories of her words.

Harp lessons, any music lessons, are generally about how to play tunes on a harp, or other musical instrument.. This session is about how a 'novice'. anybody really as novice I feel is too blunt of a word. Anyone could obtain a harp and quickly be able to use it to accompany poems, songs, and the flow of imagination in general.

This 'Nature Folklore' session is about trusting the feel and sound of the harp, sensing the harp, and not technically learning how to play it. This 'Nature Folklore session should be of interest to anyone interested in harps from absolute beginners to professionals who would like to loosen up a bit.

I will commence this with a couple of stories of ancient harpers and how their harps became much of the stories and part of the human enchantment without a tutor or tutorial book present. 

This is 'Barding Part 2' as in Part 1 we explored how to turn unworded visions into doodles and loose words that form part of our journaling catalogues. From this we move into 'native poetry' that is not structured into how we were taught as school or college. Some people may call this rapping, of course.

Now in Part 2 it is about applying sound, mainly from harps and unplugged instruments and sound tools.

Looking forward to you joining us with 'Barding, Part Two', applying sound.

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