Imbolc, part 1 - Brighid Tales

flame, hearth, oaks & Brighid's journey to Cill Dara ... next session Sunday 29th January 2023

about this afternoon session ...

Imbolc, part 1 - Brighid Tales
flame, hearth, oaks & Brighid's journey to Cill Dara

With the modern setting of the Gregorian Calender, Brighid's Eve is on 31st January, & Brighid's Day is celebrated during1st February. As these dates are so accepted now, very few people question how and why these dates were used as Brighid celebration days.

Brighid who became St. Brighid, was born about 1100 before there was a Gregorian Calendar. The Julian Calendar was the accepted calendar system of her time. Even when Brighid was recognised as St. Brighid, that was about 300 years before the Gregorian calendar.

Through this Nature Folklore session, we will focus on St. Brighid as the founder of the Cille Dara monastery, and some of the culture within her life that guided her there. We will explore the popular and very widely accepted stories, thoughts, prayers, intentions, ceremony, rituals used for revering St. Brighid of Kildare. We will also explore Faughert, Ardagh, and lesser known settings of Brighid's journey

I will also cover the wonderful background story of the Dara, Oak, symbolism.

Also Important is to include are her trinity of skills of healing, smithing, and poetry. Of course we need to add the 'flame', and 'hearth' associated with her, and a wee bit on her cows and milk. Included will be a bit on Brighid Crosses and Brideog Dolls too.

We will touch on Brighid's springs, wells, water bearing, and births, and also her links to brewing ... but really those topics will mainly be held over for the following Nature Folklore session of Imbolc Traditions, next Sunday, part 2.

Please offer to share your thoughts and practices of Brighid Day, and a poem or story, as a guest presenting your inspirations. You can be live on the show or send me pre-recorded video or audio. Please message me.

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