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To help to support the survival of Nature Echoes, Nature Folklore, & Holy Wells Revival, you may like to subscribe to my 'Journaling Nature Folklore' course?

Living through the seasons with nature and it's folklore as your guide. 

To become a 'Journaling Nature Folklore' subscriber, its only €30 to sign up for a 12 month cycle of 
  • 4 online workshop, including 'catchup' if you miss it or want to watch again
  • 20 course modules, 5 for each season
  • 40 plus support articles
  • almost unlimited Q&A by email and messenger
And all of those components are optional. 
No deadlines, 
No algorithms following you around,
No advertising.

Choose €5 per month. or the 50% discount €30 per 12 months subscription option, to receive all of the above.

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