Permaculture Living, part 1 - Food Sovereignty

or Food Security ... next session Sunday 2nd April 2023

about this afternoon session ...

From early 2020, we experienced self restrictions and isolation due to Covid spread. Many people turned to their gardens for solace, activity, and to return some self worth and peace. From this it seemed a new ‘Victory Garden’ generation evolved. Among those who do not have gardens, this included a surge of interest in finding and renting allotments and joining allotment networks through the UK, and something similar happened though Ireland but not quite based on the same tradition. With the UK this was like a revival of the World War 2 'Dig For Victory' tradition happening due to food shortages. 

Other actions during these restrictions, due to covid time, was supermarket panic buying at the start of the covid spreading time. Supermarket panic buying soon moved onto Garden Centre panic buying. Since then, it seems millions of people have created new food gardens, especially using no dig methods, Many people have expanded the food growing areas they already had, and many lawns have been dug up so that more food may be grown. Apartment dwellers have actively cultivated very inventive balcony gardens. 'Communities' have converted public waste land into community food land.

Expanded and extended self food growing and community food growing has amplified during this 2022 year due to fear of food shortages being caused by European conflict and other conflicts around the world. As I write this, rapid inflation is causing less spending money for food. This year, community food growing is increasing in popularity and action due to the absence of covid restrictions. This allows people to gather together again, even though there is still plenty of covid virus around.

An additional trend this year, at least in Ireland, has been the formation of 'Permablitz' gatherings where groups of people have gathered together, plus additional volunteers, to get each other's Permaculture Gardens going and expanding.

Food Sovereignty, what is it?

It is a movement of  believing that people who produce, distribute, and consume food should control the mechanisms and policies of food production and distribution. It is promoting the rights of people to define their own local food and agriculture systems that are "culturally appropriate" to where they live.

Will this replace our dependence on the current Food Security systems that have passed our food responsibility over to corporations and governments?

This is a session when 'Nature Folklore' on Sundays attempts to apply folklore wisdom into worthy visions that can be applied individually or by groups to focuses on essential 'hands-on' activities. These activities are exploring what we can do to connect the spirit, wonder, and mysteries of life into actions that will eventually provide our food.

Do you happen to have any poems or stories about about permaculture, food growing, or your memories of these? Please offer to share your stories and poems as a guest. You can be live on the show or send me pre-recorded video or audio. Please message me with what you have to share. Thank you. 

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