Permaculture Living, part 3 - From Resurrection To The Three Trais

a refreshed vision from the three enchantments ... next session Sunday 9th April 2023

about this afternoon session ...

Resurrection means different things to different people. This Nature Folklore session is hosted on the Christian Easter Sunday, a time of Christian belief of the body of Jesus becoming alive again after being dead and then ascending to heaven. 

With this Nature Folklore session, I, and some guests, present what may be described as a fantasy concept of 'Resurrection' being us being reborn from injustices upon humans, animals, trees, water and all carriers of life, on this earth planet we all share. As Easter is during our Permaculture Living series this year, 'Resurrection' thoughts will be within what we may interpret as 'permaculture' action and living as much as possible,

The stories of Jesus, as I interpret them, are largely about encouraging supportive humanity and banishing injustices. Unfortunately, it seems the 'institution' of churches operate as a hypocrisy of this using Jesus' name. This is very different to local churches that are often a sanctuary of support and community for local people

With this 'Resurrection' Nature Folklore session, that I host each Easter Sunday, I try to flow with an interpretation of 'Resurrection' being us being reborn out of environmental and humanity destruction orchestrated by politics, church, and their now corporate masters, into a more caring and sustainable culture.

I use the ancient folklore of the Three Trais of The Bard, pronounced Trees, as the everchanging enchantments upon how we live according to how nature moves us.

I take these three Trais, geantrai, goltrai, and suantrai, beyond music and expand them into a fantasy of resurrected wholesome lifestyles. A culture of reborn living that has changed our focus from wealth from acquisition; into the 'heaven' of community and care.

This fantasy includes thoughts and visions of 'resurrecting' us from our modern instinct of duty to our commanders wielding authority justice, back into a realm where all of our living challenges are counselled through mediation, such as the ways that seemed to have been the practice of the ancient Brehon Law.

The patrons of our churches may have influenced the taking away of our forests, and even our water ... but I believe we can resurrect ourselves back to being the forest and water people we were born to be? 

Do you happen to have any poems or stories about about permaculture, food growing, or your memories of these, or thoughts about what 'resurrection' towards love and harmony means to you? Please offer to share your stories and poems as a guest. You can be live on the show or send me pre-recorded video or audio. Please message me with what you have to share. Thank you.

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