Summer Blooming part 1 - Our Garden Sanctuaries

the fragrant abundance and sense of peace and feeling of being home ... next session Sunday 5th June 2023

about this afternoon session ...

Before covid arrived, at this time, june bank holiday in Ireland, Phoenix Park, Dublin, Ireland, hosted the spectacular 'Bloom Festival'. During June Bank Holiday this year, 2022, the Bloom Festival is back. But rather than dedicate this 'Nature Folklore' session on a big festival, let's indulge in our beautiful small Garden Sanctuaries.

Veggie gardens will now be growing sturdily here in the Northern Hemisphere, and flowers are blooming and sharing fragrances to attract the beautiful bees and butterflies. Let's celebrate this!

I am inviting guests to share their gardens with us on Sunday, including abundant gardens, gardens with lovely little projects happening, and humble but delightful new gardens of people starting out in gardening and find it comforting despite challenges and seemingly small yields yet.

I will also commence this Nature Folklore edition with a transition from 'Caring For Sacred Wells' last Sunday, to gardening, especially community gardening, around these wells. 

So please invite yourself to share and show us what is happening in your garden from a new little flower bed or herb garden, your limited space potted plants garden, wild garden, humble garden, or your well established greater garden. Please contact me to be live on Sunday or create a small pre-recorded video that does not need to be fancy. Phone videos these days are just perfect. Photos are helpful too.

Lets have a good craic with this on Sunday :-) 

Also, do you have any poems or stories about your own Garden Sanctuary, and also of gardens and plantings around holy, blessed, and sacred wells.? Please offer to share your stories and poems as a guest too. Please message me with what you have to share. Thank you. 

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