Imbolc, part 4 - Discovering The Sidhe, Part Two

life and blessing within water, trees, and our gardens ... next session Sunday 19th February 2023

about this afternoon session ...

Through this Sunday we continue, for a second Sunday, to explore some folklore stories that try to interpret the Sidhe and the Sidhe Realm, that some people call the Fae or Fairy Realm. 

There will be much more focus on the the relationships between the Sidhe, and Fairy Realm and Water. This will include underground streams, natural springs, holy wells, loughs, lochs and lakes, and even the sea. We may also focus on Sidhe presence in trees folklore.

We will continue to explore how people feel and what they describe when they experience the presence of what they identify as being the Sidhe today, plus their interpretations of these connections and experiences.

Please offer to share your stories and poems of the Sidhe, Fae, and Fairies, as a guest presenting your inspirations, stories and craft. Wise women stories are also especially welcome for this edition, thank you. You can be live on the show or send me pre-recorded video or audio. Please message me.

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