Imbolc, part 2 - Traditions For The New Spring

celebrating the earth womb, water bearers, and births of spring ... next session Sunday 5th February 2023

about this afternoon session ...

During this Nature Folklore sessions we will focus mainly on water, the precious water springs, the so called holy wells, water bearing, births, and nature's Rites of Spring birth.

There will be some focus on tales of the goddess stories and traditions, that are said to have inspired the life, crafts and teachings of St. Brighid. Many people interpret an Earth Goddess being called Bhride, Bride, Brighid, and other similar names. 

The main noticeable thing this session is the transition from flame and fire to water

Where I live, there is usually snow fallen on St. Brighid's Day, at least on the hills and low mountains around Carrowcrory. But not this year, that has been unusually mild at this time. Referring to the sidereal timed point of Imbolc, a few days later than the Gregorian Brighid's Day, this snow is usually melting, going down the geological swallow holes, and then underground, picking up minerals and chelating them. 

All of this happening as the water travels underground, and appearing in the natural springs, replenishing the wells, and bubbling up into the turloughs. Turloughs are the temporary lakes in fields at low levels during February. After February this water has gone and fertile meadows grow. Waterbearing and natural birth flows over the land from this time, for awhile.

Please offer to share your thoughts and practices of Imbolc as a guest presenting your inspirations, stories and craft. Wise women stories are especially welcome for this edition, thank you. You can be live on the show or send me pre-recorded video or audio. Please message me.

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