Nature Echoes

'Nature Echoes' - broadcasted online almost every Sunday at 5pm Irish time

Our weekly ‘echoing’ three recent news items of applied 'Nature Folklore' in modern projects.  

Though possibly controversial, I believe that folklore is not for being trapped in libraries, old scriptures, and confined into doctrined performances, ceremonies and rituals. I love to use elements of folklore from nature as tools for our inspiration, guiding, mentoring, and teaching, through what we practice. 

I believe in elements of Nature Folklore serving us wisdom for helping and caring for others, water, air, and landscapes through the seasons. 

Nature Echoes weekly features stories of people doing this, and much of the time they may not realise how intimate they are to the land, water, woodlands, and it’s folklore and legends of old. 

We enjoy interviews with ‘seekers’, such as holy wells explorers, and interviews with carers of water, holy wells, woodlands, and wildlife. They share their passionate work, and their senses and faiths of the unseen spirits and entities that may guide them.

As much as possible Nature Echoes also ‘echoes’ inspired nature and nature folklore related poems and stories through special guests holding and sharing their weaving of enchanting words.

Together this is about 30 minutes of 'echoes' each week mainly from Ireland, but often includes 'echoes' from Scotland, Wales, Isle Of Man, England, Europe and from nature and water sanctuaries around North America and around the World. .

Looking forward to you joining us with 'Nature Echoes' live most Sundays at 5pm Irish time. 

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