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Nature Folklore Explorer workshops through 2023.

I have changed the 'Nature Folklore Partner' tier on Patreon to 'Nature Folklore Explorer'.

The first tier is membership access to me growing Video Library collection, but this second tier intends to take that video library further so that we can meet together to go through some of the topic themes and see how they can be applied in your circumstances.

I was going to release a series of Nature Folklore books though 2023, but I have decided to postpone that to toughly the same dates through 2024 instead.

My intent through 2023 now is to build up my 'Nature Folklore Video Library' that I have been promising Nature Folklore patrons for some years now. So I had better do it, and it will be my pleasure to do so, at last.€

These Four Seasonal Nature Folklore Workshops are live online on Sundays at 7pm Irish time.

For those of you who cannot attend live, and for those who want to refer back, video archives of these sessions will be available to Nature Folklore Explorer members along with eventual DIY slides.

Here's how you can subscribe to the Nature Folklore Explorer Workshops -

Subscribe through Patreon, as a Patron at the Nature Explorer €3 per month level, of upgrade to that if you are already a Nature Folklore Subscriber. This will be charged in your currency ...

Your low monthly subscription will gives you access to all Nature Folklore Explorer Workshops, while you are a subscriber on that level,

plus access to my growing Nature Folklore Video Library for reference at any time, with no annoying advert intrusions. 

Thank you for subscribing as our collective of subscribing members keeps us afloat to be able to afford to bring you these workshops, video library service. and weekly streaming live broadcast.

workshop dates through 2023.


22nd    Imbolc & Spring Flowing
online event info asap


16th    Bealtaine & Summer Sowing
online event info asap


23rd    Lughnasdh, & Autumn Harvest
online event info asap

22nd    Samhain & Winter Dreaming
online event info asap
These video vaults are slowly being broken up into smaller and cleaned up videos that will become exclusive to our subscribers through Patreon, to help to cover our costs, here's how you can join ...

Please support the survival of Nature Folklore, Holy Wells Revival, & Holy Wells Echo broadcasts, videos & books ...

You can subscribe to Nature Folklore through Patreon, as a Patron , just a euro, dollar, pound, or more per month, and this also includes subscriber access to my exclusive short videos. ...

There are also subscription levels that entitles you to free or discounted copies of my books, too 

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