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Nature Folklore Sessions, 2022 & 2023

'Nature Folklore' is broadcasted live every Sunday at 2pm Irish time through ...

The Three Steps of Nature Folklore Sessions are ...
  1. explore a nature centred folklore topic or theme
  2. contemplate this mindfully yourself outside within your favourite Tree or Garden Sanctuary
  3. express your visions from your contemplations through your writing, poetry, art, craft, performance, and problem solving.

Nature Folklore Sessions are extensions of my books (click titles) ...

These are the Live Sessions coming up through 2022.


22nd   Water Folklore, Women & Water   online event info 
29th    Water Folklore, Caring For Sacred Wells  online event info 


5th     Summer Blooming, Our Garden Sanctuaries  online event info 
12th   Summer Blooming, Sound Bathing  online event info
19th   Summer Blooming, Midsummer Gathering  online event info 
26th   Summer Blooming, Re-Wilding Ourselves  online  event info


3rd     Sustainable Practices, Sacred Actions   online event info
10th   Sustainable Practices, Reviewing What We Do  online event info asap
17th   Sustainable Practices, Working Examples  online event info asap
24th   Lughnasadh, Bilberry Sunday & Garlands  online event info
31st   Lughnasadh, First Harvest   online event info 


7th     Lughnasadh, Crom Cruach & Dubh Origins  online event info 
14th   Lughnasadh, Crom Cruach & Dubh In Ireland  online event info 
21st   Poet's for Heritage - Heritage Week event  online event info
28th   Harvesting, Herbs  online event info 


5th     Harvesting. Home Gatherings  online event info
11th   Harvesting, Apple Stories  online event info 
18th   Harvesting, Avalon Stories  online event info 
25th   Witches, Cauldrons & Ale, The Origins  online event info 


2nd    Witches, Cauldrons & Ale, Medieval Momentum  online event info 
9th     Witches, Cauldrons & Ale, From Witching To Healing  online event info
16th   Samhain Origins, Oweynagat & Fire Dragons   online event info
23rd   Samhain Origins, Emain Macha & Horse Folklore online event info 
30th   Samhain Origins, Hill of Tlachtga & Sacred Fire  online event info 


6th     Samhain Origins, Tara & The Veil  online event info 
13th   Samhain Origins, Crows, Ravens, & Corvids  online event info
20th   Barding, Journaling, Poetry & Ogham Prompts  online event info 
27th   Barding, Words with Harps Folklore  online event info 


4th      Yule Season, Mischief & Mystery  online event info
11th    Yule Season, Reindeer Folklore  online event info 
18th    Yule Season, Yule Goat & Log Tales  online event info
25th    Christmas Day, No Nature Folklore Live today. Blessed Christmas everyone :-) 

These are the Live Sessions coming up through 2023.


1st      Yule Season, First Footing into 2023 & Wassailing  online event info
8th      Divination, Water online event info 
15th    Divination, Ogham,   online event info 
22nd   Divination, Water Serpent Myths  online event info 
29th    Imbolc, Brighid Tales  online event info


5th     Imbolc, Traditions for the New Spring  online event info 
12th   Imbolc, The Sidhe Part One  online event info
19th   Imbolc, The Sidhe Part Two  online event info 
26th   Tree Season, Ogham Trees  online event info 


5th     Tree Season, What We Can Do Part One online event info
12th   Tree Season, What  We Can Do Part Two  online event info 
19th   Trees Season, Our Tree Sanctuary  online event info 
26th   Tree Season, Trees & Water In Folklore  online event info 


2nd     Permaculture Living, Food Sovereignty  online event info
9th      Easter Sunday, From Resurrection to the Three Trais  online event info
16th    Permaculture Living, Biodiversity Underworld Part One  online event info 
23rd    Permaculture Living, Biodiversity Underworld Part Two online event info 
30th    Bealtaine, Flowers & Frolics Folklore  online event info


7th      Bealtaine, Aislings & Green Man  online event info 
14th    Bealtaine, Fairy Stories For May  online event info 

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