Tree Season, part 4 - Our Tree Sanctuary

access to an essential space for nature, and connection to it's infinite spirit ... next session Sunday 19th March 2023

about this afternoon session ...

This is a Nature Folklore session focused on engaging in an uncomplicated and easy tree and nature connection that most of us should be able to do..

I applaud the people who have taken over stewardship of land and dedicated it to the purpose of expanding woodland cover. During the previous two Sundays we explored that. Through this Sunday we will focus on small tree projects that most of us can do in some way to provide us with a precious priceless calming and inspiring sanctuary.

I believe I would be quite lost, now, without the Tree Labyrinth Garden we have in our garden. Once it was established, it took on a life of it's own. The maintenance time is far less than with other types of gardens. So this opens up more time for us to embrace and bathe in 'sanctuary'.

Two main purposes and benefits of this I have discovered is. 

First, is a place to retreat, rest, connect with surroundings, contemplate, and trust.

Second, is a place to be very accepting to visions, inspirations, ideas, and even problem solving. 

Through this Carrowcrory Sunday Sessions we will aim to inspire and encourage access to creating or maintaining an existing Tree Sanctuary or Labyrinth Garden.   

I strongly feel that a personal sanctuary space, whether simple small tree grove, or a more adventurous Tree Labyrinth, like we have at Carrowcrory, is essential as a place to relax, refuel, and recharge to become a fully connecting human again.

A sanctuary is where we have peace without disturbances from phones, computers, television, radio, and generally the whole human made realm on this earth. We do not try to hold the entire earth on our shoulders and in our minds and hearts. We hold the space around us that does not require a mechanical or digital switch on.

During this 'Tree Sanctuary' session this is about sanctuary among trees. Of course many people prefer sanctuary by water, on the sea chore, up a mountain, and even in a desert. I appreciate and encourage any of those spaces, but for this session its about contemplation and vision among a few trees.

For some people talking about a Tree Sanctuary can arouse weather concerns, hence why some people do feel a greater sanctuary within a building. I do question what do we connect to within a human created building? Being humans we like our shelter during rain, maybe wind, icy cold, and even too much heat. A shelter of wood, canvas, or gazebo makes a perfect optional additional retreat choice within our Tree Sanctuary.

Access to our sanctuary is priceless when after we have been there, we have recharged perception and our fortitude to face the 'world' again. Also essential is for our sanctuary to be a space we can trust. A space where we can firmly give ourselves permission to spend time there without feeling guilty or shamed.

It may seem strange sharing encouragement of Tree Sanctuary through this digital media. The theme of this digital broadcast is still encouragement and mentoring for us to switch off and get intto our sanctuary instead of digital bombardment. I trust one or two things from this session will inspire you for when you do 'switch off'.

Do you happen to have any poems or stories about trees, maybe precious trees in your life, or your memories of them? Please offer to share your stories and poems as a guest. You can be live on the show or send me pre-recorded video or audio. Please message me with what you have to share. Thank you. 

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