Summer Blooming part 4 - Rewilding Ourselves

restoration of natural free spirit within and around us
 ... next session Sunday 25th June 2023

about this afternoon session ...

With a ‘rewilding’ title we may first think about letting part of our gardens go back to nature, go back to being wild. The wonderful community of ‘We Are the Ark’ encouraged by Mary Reynolds has beautifully popularized this. If we live in gardenless apartments, then we may encourage our local councils to not be so manicuring on public green spaces and let the biodiversity there have it’s freedom.

This ‘Nature Folklore’ edition will also explore the intimate personal changes we may need to accomplish within ourselves before being passionate and connected to 'rewilding' projects.

We may love the current ‘rewilding concepts’ but our inner culture and mindset still inspires us to sustain a ‘neat and tidy’ quest. So any 'rewilding' we do may be a sort of ‘test the waters’ approach.

Through this ‘Nature Folklore’ edition we will explore some folklore that may provide useful reference to 'rewilding'. Such as how our living can be less control motivated and more adaptive. Also considering how some 'rewilding' in our lives could reduce stress and anxiety, and the benefits from us becoming more aware that this better harmony is happening within and around us..

How can being involved with what may initially seem like ‘chaos’ actually become our longed for journey ‘home’?  

Also, do you have any poems or stories about and related to Rewilding, perhaps within your own garden, and/or Rewilding ourselves? I would like to invite you to share your stories and poems as a guest, either live, pre-recorded, or use photographs. Please message me with what you have to share. Thank you. 

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