Sustainable Practices part 2 - Examples

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 ... next session Sunday 16th July 2023

about this afternoon session ...

Continuing exploring our Sustainable Living choices, and approaches to this that we may try out as being 'Sacred Actions' too.

To recap on part one, last Sunday, we looked at our lifestyle connections to the reverences we may offer at the times of the eight divisions of what is now commonly called the 'Celtic Wheel'. 'Celtic Wheel' is a fairly modern 'Celtic Romance' term but its a title that many people seem to understand and use very well.

We are looking at how we expand from these eight divisions, the two Solstices, two Equinoxes, and the four cross quarter times of Imbolc, Bealtaine, Lughnasadh and Samhain. How do we go beyond gatherings, ceremony and ritual, into how we live our lifestyles connected to them. Or better still, how do these eight gathering times celebrate how we have lived, connected, and embraced what is around us and what we do?

Sustainable practices are a challenge, and have been since humans were able to calibrate celestial positions in relation to changing earth seasons. The mathematics of this enabled the culture of settled farming that today provides most of our food. 

Today we will continue to question, "how can the farming cycle be 'Sacred Actions' through 'Sustainable Practices'?"

One of our guests will be the return of Dana O'Driscoll, author of a very successful book, 'Sacred Action, Living the Wheel of the Year through Earth Centred Sustainable Practices'. Dana has been busy writing a follow up to this, as requested by her publisher. 

Also, for this Sunday, and the following Sunday, do you have any poems, stories, and experiences about and related to Sustainable Practices, perhaps within your own garden, or small farm? I would love to invite you to share your stories and poems as a guest, either live, pre-recorded, or use photographs. Please message me with what you have to share. Thank you. 

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