The Three Steps Of Nature Folklore Sessions

The Three Steps of Nature Folklore Sessions are ...
  1. explore nature centred folklore
  2. contemplate this within your favourite Tree or Garden Sanctuary
  3. express your visions from your contemplations through your writing, poetry, art, craft, performance, and problem solving.
Every Sunday I invite viewers to engage with all three of those pillars

1) Nature Centred Folklore is the theme of the online livestream broadcast between 2 pm and just after 3 pm, Irish time.

2) Apply this mindfully outside for an hour after. This could be at your own favourite Sanctuary, preferably outside, especially among trees and/or beside water. I look forward to when the Carrowcrory Labyrinth Gardens here will be back open to limited visitors for contemplation, mindfulness, and whatever calls you.

3) Express your Visions? My personal platforms are poems, stories, and performing as I find little time for arts and crafts. When we can have visitors back here at Carrowcrory Labyrinth Gardens it will be social craic time for visitors here, after the live show. If you are not here at Carrowcrory, try this at home or in a nearby woodlands you may be visiting


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