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Nature Folklore Video Library

After more than 3 years of broadcasting Nature Folklore 'live shows' I am slicing up the 'best of' into smaller video clips, plus adding more clips on many quite specific Nature Folklore subjects.

Subjects available now or soon include - 

the sidhe, water folklore and sanctuaries, holy wells discovery, water caring, tree folklore and sanctuaries, ogham, divination, Imbolc traditions, biodiversity through folklore, Bealtaine traditions, permaculture gardening folklore and sustainable practices, foraging folklore, Lughnasadh traditions and first harvest folklore, Crom Cruach and |Crom Dubh stories, apple harvesting and folklore, bardic folklore and practices, brewing, herbalism and witchery origins and folklore, Samhain traditions, serpent folklore, folk drama and mumming folklore and practices, Yule folklore including goats and reindeer, winter transformation folklore.

Being aware that you are probably tied up with many streaming and library subscriptions, access to 'Nature Folklore Video Library' starts with basic substantial access for only a single $, €, or £ a month for as long as you want. 

Our collective of subscribing members keeps us afloat to be able to afford to bring you this video archive service. and weekly streaming broadcast.

Here's how you can subscribe to the Nature Folklore Video Library -

Subscribe through Patreon, as a Patron with just a euro, dollar, pound, or more per month ...

Your low monthly subscription gives you access to all available videos for reference at any time, with no annoying advert intrusions. 

You can also watch my archive of past Nature Folklore broadcasts, without cost while they are still there ...

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Nature Folklore Sessions are also extensions of my books (click titles) ...


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