Journaling Nature Folklore Workshops

Bealtaine Workshop is our next Journaling Nature Folklore online workshop

You can register through the form below ...

This workshop is already included in your subscription if you are already a 'Journaling Nature Folklore' subscriber, or only €30 to sign up for a 12 month cycle of 
  • 4 online workshop, including 'catchup' is you miss it or want to watch again
  • 20 course modules, 5 for each season
  • 40 plus support articles
  • almost unlimited Q&A by email and messenger

To register on a mobile you may need to scroll down the box to fill the form ...

This is my first support workshop for subscribers to my ‘Journaling Nature Folklore’ course. The first of four of these events each year.

The overall theme of the Journaling Nature Folklore Course is to encourage exploring the language of nature, like us humans had to do to communicate before the ancients crafted shareable languages of words, sentences, and paragraphs.

The earliest shared language between humans seem to be what we may word describe as ‘prompts’ today. Through the use of ‘prompts’ we can exercise and tune up our natural nature divination and clairvoyance perceptions and abilities.

From the 'realm' of nature flow, journaling is a lovely medium of interpreting our senses and visions through our expressions of words and our art.

‘Journaling Nature Folklore’ - Bealtaine Workshop, is live online,  at 8pm Irish time,Tuesday, 2nd May. Fill in the form above to join.

As a 'Journaling Nature Folklore' subscriber, you can also watch the recorded archive after this event too.

These quarterly workshops will continue to be hosted close to each cross quarter celebration of Imbolc, Bealtaine, Lughnasadh, and Samhain. I have posted some dates below ...

Thank you for joining our gathering.

Nature Folklore workshop dates through 2023.


2nd, Tuesday - Bealtaine & Summer Sowing
online event info above ...


25th, Tuesday - Lughnasdh, & Autumn Harvest

24th, Tuesday -  Samhain & Winter Dreaming

January 2024

30th, Tuesday - Imbolc & Spring Flowing


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